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Lydia is a dedicated and passionate healer who works closely with retreat participants both inside and outside of ceremony. She loves working with the medicine and enjoys teaching and sharing her knowledge of the healing plants with anyone who is interested. Outside of ceremony, she is skilled at healing massage which she offers to those experiencing long-term pain, illness or injury. Lydia is also a talented embroiderer, sewing traditional Shipibo tapestries, clothing and accessories with desgins inspired by visions she has seen in her ceremonies, and her work is available to purchase during retreats. When not working, she lives in Pucallpa with her children and grandchildren.



Raul has worked as a Curandero since his early twenties and has travelled with the medicine throughout many parts of Peru. He has worked with personal clients, in retreat settings and in hospitals. He has a strong connection to his Incan ancestors and, after travelling to Cusco and the Sacred Valley when he was young, has a great love for the area. You will often hear references to the Incas, Cusco, and sites around the Sacred Valley in his Icaros! Raul has a powerful presence in ceremony and a gentle way of working with people during energetic cleanses outside of ceremony. He gives additional treatments to people when necessary and is always willing to answer questions and share more about the medicine and his ancestors.


Americo is passionate about his healing work and enters every ceremony with great enthusiasm. He loves working with the plants, singing Icaros, and preparing medicines and remedies. He lives in Pucallpa where he helps his clients overcome many illnesses. Americo loves sharing his wisdom and insights and is always willing to teach and explain. He has the rare ability to remember all of the words to many of his icaros outisde of ceremony, and will happily sing one upon request.


Raul, Lydia and Americo are a family of Curanderos from the Shipibo tribe and live in Pucallpa, in the Amazon Rainforest, Peru. Americo and Lydia are brother and sister and Raul is their older half brother. They were all trained from a young age by their Grandfather who was also a Curandero, and each has a lifetime of experience working with Ayahuasca and a vast knowlege of the medicinal plants of the Amazon. 

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