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Retreat Options

3x Ayahuasca Ceremonies
from $1479 per person*

10 Days
3x Ayahuasca Ceremonies
2x Wachuma Ceremonies

from $2155 per person*

12 D
5x Ayahuasca Ceremonies
1x Wachuma Ceremony
from $2459 per person*

12 Days
6x Ayahuasca Ceremonies
from $2477 per person*

14 Days
3x Ayahuasca Ceremonies
3x Wachuma Ceremonies

from $2781 per person*

Healing retreats with traditional Shipibo Ayahuasca ceremonies and traditional Wachuma/San Pedro ceremonies are available to book for groups of four to eight people. Retreats take place in various locations around the Sacred Valley and Cusco, Peru. 

Click here to download all of our retreat information.

Retreats are available for groups who book and arrive together. However, in the case of smaller groups, sometimes extra spaces are made avaiable for outside individuals to join the retreat in order to lower the cost per person. If you would like to be notified whenever an individual space arises, please sign up to the mailing list and tick the 'notify me' box. 


All retreats include:

  • Plant Medicine Ceremonies.

  • Food and accommodation for the duration of the retreat.

  • Transport to and from Cusco airport or your hotel in Cusco or Pisac.

  • Additional energetic cleanses or bodywork from our Shipibo healers, outside of ceremonies, if necessary.

  • Daily Yoga, meditation, movement and breathwork classes.

  • Pre-retreat interview and preparation advice.

  • Post- retreat integration support.

Drinking with Jess at her retreat was a fantastic experience that I'd wholeheartedly recommend to anyone interested in working with plant medicines in Peru. Surrounded by the beautiful Sacred Valley and guided through the ceremonies by Lydia, a Curandera whose expertise in working with Ayahuasca is second only to her limitless compassion, created the perfect container in which we all could focus on doing the healing work we'd been called there to do. The medicine was strong, the experienced team of facilitators made sure that every one of the participants had everything they needed, and I can't say enough good things aout Jess, Lydia and everyone involved.

- Ben Grenrock

Jess put a beautiful Ayahuasca retreat together in Taray this August. Special thanks to her for organizing and perfectly holding the space. The ceremonies were led by our Curandera Lydia and it was just amazing. 7 beautiful ceremonies, plant baths and personal healing sessions. Highly recommend and I am looking forward to the next retreat!

- Kevin Owens

* Estimated minimum costs are calculated with the assumption of a group of eight people, with no extra activities or sessions. Prices per person for smaller group sizes are included in our retreats information document.

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