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​Ayurvedic Health Consultations can help you to understand your constitution and improve your overall health whilst learning to live in harmony with your environment and with the changing seasons. They can also assist with the management of any existing health conditions that you may be experiencing through looking at your symptoms from an Ayurvedic perspective and introducing treatments and lifestyle changes to encourage a rebalancing of the doshas that have been affected.


An initial consultation has two parts. First, we will meet for a two hour initial meeting to discuss your current situation and to go through your health history, diet and lifestyle, and your physical, mental, emotional and physiological patterns and tendencies; to gain an understanding of your prakruti (constitution) and vikrtuti (condition of imbalance).  This session is purely to discuss all of the necesarry information. The second meeting will be a week later where we will discuss your treatment plan. During the week, I will look over everything we talked about in the first session in detail, and determine the best treatments for you. This may include changes to your diet, lifestyle changes and adjustments to your daily routine, herbal medicines, body therapies, yoga, physical exercise, meditation, and sensory therapies including aromatherapy, colour therapy and sound therapy, all of which are intended to balance the dosha(s) that are causing your problems and restore an overall state of balance and wellbeing.

We will implement these changes slowly, focusing on one or two things at a time, and taking the time to create long-lasting new habits and routines. Follow-up appointments are recommended weekly for one-to-two months, and bi-weekly for another four-to-five months after that. This allows us to track the effects of the treatment, to make sure that the recommendations are working, and to make adjustments if necessary; and also to address any challenges you may be having with making these changes. Once you have successfully implemented the treatments and have started to notice some improvements, you may also like to continue to meet for a health maintenance consultation to check-in and make adjustments when needed monthly or seasonally. 



2 -Hour Initial Consultation + 1-Hour Report of Findings

s./ 600 

1 Hour Follow-up Consultation

s./ 200

Initial Consultation + 4x Follow-up Consultations


6x Follow-up Consultations


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"Jess has helped me transform my life in simple yet deeply effective ways. You can openly talk to her about how you're feeling and living, and she'll guide you through ways to nourish your mind, body, and soul. Although we must meet via video calls, conversing with her is always a gentle, uplifting experience.


She makes integrating Ayurvedic wisdom into your life a very feasible thing. After each meeting, you're equipped with a new series of recipes, methods, and insights to enrich your life. Truly, her effect on my wellbeing has been greater than any doctor or practitioner I've ever had. Not to mention, she's more affordable.


I'm immensely grateful to have her as a guide and resource."


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