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Herbal Powder Massage (Udvartana)

Marma Point Treatments


Ayurvedic body therapies can be a great compliment to plant medicine ceremonies before or after your ceremony or retreat. Treatments are available as stand-alone therapies, or can be combined into a package. Away from plant medicine work, individual treatments and treatment packages are available for improving overall health and wellbeing, with the option of specific treatments to assist with particular imbalances and health conditions. Please email to arrange a short consultation and to discuss treatment package options.

Udvartana is a vigorous powder massage which is specifically used for treating conditions caused by excess kapha dosha (earth and water elements). It is especially benefical for aiding inweight loss and cellulite reduction. Dry herbs, or herbs mixed with oils, are vigorously rubbed into the body to heat the body and to loosen toxins stored within the tissues. This is a very powerful treatment and is not suitable for everyone. A short consultation will be given beforehand to determine that the treatment will be beneficial for you, and to select the best oils and herbs for your constitution and condition.

1 Hour






Marma points are energy centres, similar to acupuncture points, located around the body. Each point has a different function and connects to a different body part or system. During a Marma Point treatment, specially chosen oils are massaged into the relevant points to release energetic blockages and encourage a balanced flow of subtle energy around the body, and especially in the places connected to the points being used. Marma point treatments can be received as a stand-alone therapy, or in addition to a massage.

45 Minutes


Other treatments can be included in packages, including Ayurvedic Facials, nasal and sinus cleansing and therapeutic oil and steam treatments. Because these treatements require herbs and materials that are difficult to source in Peru, it is not currently feasable for these to be offered as stand alone sessions, but when a treatment is well suited to a person, it will be included in their package. We look forward to offering more stand alone treatments in the future!

Other Ayurvedic Treatments


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