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Our Wachumeros

Hernan and Miguel lead the Wachuma ceremonies for our retreats and also offer individual ceremonies which can be arranged through us or directly with them.

Hernan Colque


Hernan is local to the Sacred Valley and holds hiking Wachuma ceremonies at various sacred sites in the mountains. Hernan's ceremonies include a traditional Despacho and personal energetic cleansings for all of the participants. Hernana has a strong connection with the Apus and works with the spirit of the mountain to bring healing and blessings to the paticipants, and a profound connection with nature and the mountains is often reported during Hernan's ceremonies. Hernan works closesly with the communities around the area and loves to teach the local people. He usually brings some of his young students along to assist with the ceremonies. Alongside working with Wachuma, Hernan spends much of his time working on his farm in the mountains and running a hostel and shop in Pisac with his family.

Day hikes can be arranged directly with Hernan. Please note that he does not speak much English but this is not usually a problem for non-Spanish speakers during the hikes. We can also arrange for a translator to accompany you for the ceremony if you prefer, for an additional fee.

Please contact us for assistance and translation with booking or for more information about Hernan's ceremonies on +51 917 513 251.

Or contact Hernan directly to arrange a ceremony on +51 928 383 821.

Miguel Mendiburu

Miguel has been offering healing ceremonies with Wachuma for 20 years. His ceremonies follow the 'four altars' prayer-based tradition, where the ceremony has four distinct sections, each one connecting us with a different element and direction, opening us up to offer and receive prayers and blessings whilst healing on many different levels. Miguel directs his ceremonies in a way that supports participants in remembering what he calls the 'real state of the human being': a state of gratitude, clarity, unity and love. 

Miguel holds outdoor hiking ceremonies and overnight fire ceremonies and speaks great English.

Contact Miguel on +51 998 980 634 to arrange a ceremony.

Or contact us 0n +51 917 513 251 for assistance with booking.

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