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Wachuma/San Pedro

Wachuma, or San Pedro, is a large cactus which grows throughout the Andean Mountain Range.  Often referred to as 'The Grandfather' of the teacher plants, this intelligent cactus was given the name 'San Pedro' by the Spanish in reference to St. Peter, the Guardian of the Gates of Heaven. It's Quechua name, 'Wachuma', is said to mean 'to cut off one's head', as it commonly brings one 'out of the head and into the heart' when consumed.  The cactus is usually cooked into a thick liquid, and can also be taken in powder form. Wachuma is used ceremonially for healing in many Andean traditions. Ceremonies usually take place in the daytime and can take a range of formats including long hikes in the mountains, interactive group healings, and quieter ceremonies which emphasise time and space for self-reflection. The effects usually last for around eight hours.

Although Wachuma undoubtedly induces an altered state of consciousness, it does not necessarily bring psychedelic visions, although this can be one of its effects. Wachuma is a powerfully healing cactus and can bring us much insight into the nature of our problems and ailments and can help us to make deep inner changes for our health and wellbeing, and for an overall improvement in the quality of our lives. Release of trauma, illness and unhelpful energy through vomiting, or 'purging' is also fairly common, and other forms of release include physical shaking, diarrhoea and intense emotional releases like crying or shouting. Wachuma has a powerful relationship with the heart and can bring a profound 'heart opening experience' with increased feelings of forgiveness, empathy, love and compassion. And Wachuma also has the ability to show us the depths of our personal power, revealling levels of inner strength we were previously unaware of. Feeling an enhanced connection to nature and communicating with nature spirits are also very common experiences, especially when taken in peaceful natural surroundings during the daytime.

Read more about Wachuma and what to expect when participating in a ceremony in this blog post.

Wachuma Ceremonies in the Sacred Valley

Hernan and Miguel lead the Wachuma ceremonies during our retreats and also hold regular ceremonies in the Sacred Valley which can be arranged with them directly with them or through us. Read more about Hernan, Miguel and their ceremonies here.

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