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Preparing For and Integrating Your Medicine Ceremonies


Preparation Sessions

If you are considering drinking Ayahuasca, Wachuma or dieting with a plant, or if you have already booked a ceremony or retreat, preparation sessions can help you to feel more relaxed about your upcoming experience and to prepare youself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Sessions are very flexible, we focus on what you most need to feel the most 'ready' and informed.

Sessions can include:

  • Clarifying and understanding your motivations and reasons for drinking.

  • Non-judgemental exploration of past trauma, illness or personal challenges you wish to work on.

  • Guidance and support with making the necessary diet and lifestyle changes prior to the ceremony.

  • Self-reflection and journalling exercises for before, during and after your ceremonies.

  • Breathing and meditation practices to support your inner work.

  • Creating a daily yoga and/or meditation practice for support duing your dieta/retreat or before/after ceremonies.

  • What to expect during the ceremony.

  • Understanding the ceremony, the cosmology and traditions surrounding it, and the role of the Curandero.

  • Navigating Peru: general safety when travelling in Peru, scams to look out for, and useful things to know for your comfort and safety in the mountains and/or the jungle.

  • Avoiding dangerous ceremonies: red flags to look out for if you're planning to drink somewhere else. Signs of safe and dangerous Curanderos and centres.

Integration Sessions

Integration sessions can help you to better understand your experiences and integrate insights and changes into your life.  Sessions can include:

  • Talking through your experiences in a safe and non-judgemental space.

  • Exploring, understanding and finding meaning in your experience.

  • Understanding and exploring any internal or external changes that have occured, or that need to be made, following your insights.

  • Exploring, understanding, and support with integrating changes in self-perception, self-identity or self-understanding.

  • Creating healthy outlets for emotional awareness and expression.

  • Exploring and understanding changes in perceptions of relationship dynamics.

  • Support, advice and a balanced step-by-step approach to making positive health and lifesyle changes.

  • Integrating new perspectives of yourself, your life, and the world into your everyday experience.

  • Bringing mystical and spiritual experiences and understanding into your everyday life in a useful and practical way.

  • Journalling and creative art/expression exercises to ground and inegrate your experiences.

  • Support with establishing regular spiritual practices, meditation and/or yoga, and/or regular self-care and self-awarness practices.

Body Therapies 

Ayurvedic body therapy packages are available in Taray pre- and post- ceremony, dieta and retreat and can provide extra support to your body and mind. Please contact for more information.

Working with the plant spirits can be incredibly life-changing and it is very possible to receive deep healing when needed on every level. Following such profound internal transofmations, it can be a very strange experience to return to everyday life, often with new and very different perspectives on ourselves, our life circumstances and our relationships. The plant medicines do not make our everyday problems go away, but they can give us the tools and insights that we need to take responsibility for our lives and to make the necessary changes that we may need to make for our ultimate health, wellbeing and happiness. This isn't always easy. Advice and support for preparing and integrating ceremonies is always given before and after our ceremonies and retreats, but for longer and more in-depth support and guidance, hour-long preparation and integrations sessions are available. Sessions can be in person in Taray, or via video call.

1-Hour Session s/200

6 x 1-Hour Sessions s./900

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Jess helped me with integration during and after a 2-week Ayahuasca retreat in 2018. I was healing from a severe burnout and Jess supported me in creating a healthier relationship with my body and my work. She has a lovely way of holding a space for you in a very gentle and accepting way but she is also firm and communicates with integrity and honesty when needed. This really helped me to recover from burnout and create a better work-life balance as well as overall wellbeing."


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