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Plant Dietas in the Sacred Valley

We offer 5, 7, 10 and 12-day dietas with one of our Shipibo Curanderos in our quiet, comfortable location in Tarary, Peru to individauals who wish to work more deeply with the plant spirits. Your dieta plant will be selected for you by our Curandero.

This is a one-to-one experience where you will receive personal healing, guidance, attention and support from the Curandero throughout the dieta, wth Spanish-English translation. Ayahuasca ceremonies may be included, or there is the option to diet without any ceremonies. We also give you the option of one-to-one ceremonies or ceremonies where an outside goup may join and attend. A private dieta can be a very deep and intense healing experience and is recommended for those who are aware of a specific need for healing, or who wish to benefit from working with the plant spirits in a more isolated environment, away from everyday social interactions and without any of the potential distractions of attending a retreat with a group. Alongside your diet plant, you will also receive energetic cleansings, medicinal plant baths and healing massage as needed.

For everyone's safety, we offer private dietas to those who have attended 3 or more ceremonies with us, or who come by close personal recommendations.

5-day private dieta with 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies from $1549

Please email for more information.

About Plant Dietas

Plant dietas are at the heart of the Shipibo healing tradition, and are an important part of many Amazonian traditions. During a dieta, one makes a spiritual commitment to a plant for the purpose of healing or learning. The plant is taken daily, usually as a drink, and strict restrictions are followed in the diet and lifetyle. This usually includes the elimination of all processed foods, salt, sugar, oils and spices, along with abstinance from sexual activity. Dietas are often done in isolation and can last anything from five days up to several months, or even a year.

The restrictions allow for a clear connection to be made with the spirit of the plant that is being dieted. Through eliminating foods and substances that have a strong effect on the body and mind, space is made to best receive the medicine of the plant. Isolation and sexual abstinance also allow for focus and concentration on the dieta and to prevent the messages of the plant from being clouded by external influences. Essentially, during a dieta, an environment is created where, as much as is possible, it is just you and the plant,and nothing else.

Many of the plants that are commonly given as dietas do not induce psychedelic experiences or altered states of consciousness, but teach and communicate in other ways, often through dreams, spontaneous insights, or through the feeling of the plant working inside the body. Ayahuasca ceremonies may also be a part of the dieta, although this is not essential, and often, drinking Ayahuasca can bring an enhanced feeling of connection or a very clear communication with the plant spirit during the ceremony, along with a deeper understanding of the work the plant is doing.

Plant dietas can be powerfully healing and can bring much insight into the root of our problems whilst facilitating healing on every level. Each plant has its own properties and ways of working, and the Curandero will select the most appropriate plant to meet your needs. Dietas are ceremonially opened and closed by the Curandero to call for the spirit of the plant to work with you and to ensure your spiritual safety, and regular limpiezas (energy cleanings) are given throughout the process.

Alongside thier healing benefits for participants, dietas are a central part of the training and work of the Curandero. Through dieting with powerful plants and trees, deep relationships are formed with their spirits. These plant spirits are then called into ceremony to assist in the healing of the participants. The healing power in the Shipibo tradition is not so much about the Ayahuasca itself but about the plant spirits the Curandero has dieted with. Ayahuasca acts as a bridge to the other plant spirits, but it is the power of the plants that bring the protection and potential for healing into the ceremony.

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