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Our Ayahuasca Ceremonies

Our priority is to provide safe ceremonies which fully support the personal healing and comfort of our participants. For this reason, we hold the following policies around our ceremonies:

  • The maximum group size is six participants to allow for each person to receive the best quality of personal care from our Curandero.

  • We always have at least two facilitators present to assist during ceremonies, and we always have one facilitator present who has not consumed Ayahuasca during the ceremony in case of an emergency where a fully sober mind is necessary.

  • Our Ayahuasca brew does not contain any potentially dangerous additional plants such as brugmansia suaveolens/toe. Our brew consists of the traditional mixture of the Ayahuasca vine, banisteriopsis caapi, and chakruna leaves. We may occasionally include small amounts of other safe to consume plants such as huambisa, bobinsana or tobacco for their additional healing properties, if recommended by the Curandero. We will always advise you of any extra plants that have been included in the brew before your ceremony.

  • We request that all potential participants complete a medical screening form, attend a video interview or in-person meeting, and receive approval from their medical doctor before drinking Ayahuasca. If for any reason we believe that it is not safe for a participant to consume Ayahuasca, the application will be declined. If at any time and for any reason our Curanderos or facilitators deem it unsuitable for Ayahuasca to be consumed by the participant, it will not be served to that person.

  • We provide preparation and integration support before and after your ceremony along with additional support and healing from our Curanderos outside of the ceremony if neede, to ensure that you receive the maximum healing benefits, understanding and integration of your experience(s).

Thank you Jess, and thank you Curandero Americo, for the profound limpiezas (cleansing ceremonies) and Ayahuasca ceremony in Taray. I have enjoyed the magic and beautiful experience a lot, with deep healing, particularly on my physical body dimension. I felt extremely comfortable with the shared warmth, professionalism, and expertise with plant medicines. I do highly recommend joining Jess's healing work, ceremonies and retreats.

- Joachim

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