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‘Kambo’ or ‘Sapo’ is the frog medicine of the Phyllomedusa bicolour, or Amazonian tree frog, ustilised by the indigenous people of the Amazon going back to prerecorded history. It is an anti-parasite, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fatigue, anti-depressant, anti-addiction compound that is very effective at eliminating toxins from the body while delivering peptides that cross the blood-brain barrier and help the brain send messages to the rest of the body, resulting in an all round immune system boost and sense of well-being. The frog is highly respected and not harmed during the collection of the medicine. The administration of the medicine consists of making one or more small burns to remove the top layer of skin, to allow the medicine to be applied and enter the bloodstream. A brief period of unpleasantness and nausea can ensue resulting in the purging of toxins from the body. Generally. the recipient is back to feeling normal within 20 minutes.

Kambo Practitioner: Drew Whelpley

Drew has been immersed in the world of jungle medicine for the last 10 years as manager and facilitator at one of the most highly respected Shamanic healing centres in Peru, where one of his duties was administering frog medicine to the guests. Having learned from his friends in the Matses, Drew has been taking hundreds of guests through Kambo treatments and is known for his intuitive yet gentle approach to the medicine and for his supportive, enthusiastic, yet laid back, demeanor.

Drew gives the Kambo treatments at our retreats and also treats private clients in the Sacred Valley. He can be contacted to arrange a treatment on +51 959 968 340, or contact us on +51 917 513 251 for assistance with your booking.

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