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The Sanskrit word 'asana' means 'posture' or 'seat.' Traditionally, 'asana' would have referred to the posture one sits in to meditate, but in modern times we practice and enjoy the benefits of a variety of postures which is both a full practice in itself, and which can also bring the body the flexibility and strength needed to sit in meditation for long periods of time. The yoga postures work on the physical and energetic bodies and promote proper alignment, strength and flexibilty, as well as benefitting the health of the internal organs and promoting a healthy flow of prana (subtle energy) throughout the body. These asana classes are inspired by the teachings of BKS Iyengar, who introduced the use of physical props, such as blocks and straps, to assist with challenging postures, and also include techniques and philosophy from classical Haltha Yoga. 

During a class, we move through a variety of postures to receive their benefits on every level. Some classes focus on a particular body part or on the energetic effects of particular poses, where others are more general. Props and modifications can be used to make each posture accessible and beneficial for everyone, and hands-on adjustments can be given to improve alignment and to promote a deeper stretch. Classes also include breathing exercises, relaxation and meditation.

Physical Benefits

Improved posture and overall physical alignment.

Increased strength.

Increased flexibility.

Assistance with healing and recovery.

Improvement in muscle tone.

Increased blood flow to internal organs.

Increased body awareness.

Promotes overall physical health.

Emotional Benefits

Suppressed emotions that have been stored in the body may be released.

Promotes self confidence .

Improves relationship with the body.

Mental Benefits

Encourages mental focus and concentration.

Quietens the mind and promotes calm and stillbess.

Energetic Benefits

Improved flow of subtle eneregy/prana.

Increased awareness of subtle energy.

Spiritual Benefits

Can lead to increased self-awareness and self understanding,

Can help to bring an awareness of one's potential to overcome limiting thoughts and beliefs.

Improved connection with and understanding of the body and mind, and their connection.

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Mondays 10.00-11.30am

Asana Class/Iyengar

Fridays 7.30-9.00am

Wake-Up Stretch and Breathe

at Pisac Inca Guest House

Calle Huayna Picchu, Pisac

s. /20 


One-to-One/Small Groups

1 Hour s./170

1.5 Hours s./220

Multi-session packages available


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